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What We Are About:

Our motto: “It Takes A Village to Build A Business.”


Bridge Builders - West Virginia is about building professional business relationships for small business owners, people that are leaving their jobs for the private sector, and brand new entrepreneurs looking to make their mark on the world.

All will enjoy this casual business networking experience. The goal is to promote professional business owners with an experience focused on relationship building rather than only business referrals. Bridge Builders - West Virginia is unlike other business Meetups that have been created to date.

When you join Bridge Builders - West Virginia, you will engage in a new and innovative business networking experience:

• No commercials

• No annual membership fees for general membership

• No long-term commitments for general membership

At each meeting, every guest and member is announced so that everyone will have a clear idea of who they would like to meet. Again, we want to ensure our members build more personal and professional business relationships.

Each month a VIP Member is chosen to be the Spotlight Speaker for that month. This member is given six minutes to share tips and tools that have made them successful in their given field. Another guest or member then gives six minutes of business tips and tools, and then members are encouraged to spend their remaining time building rapport with other members in this more casual environment. The goal is to make sure you meet the people you need to know and those who need to know you!

Bridge Builders - West Virginia offers "industry exclusive" positions. This means you have the opportunity to become a VIP Member and lock in your professional specialty in your chapter, thereby eliminating the possibility of competition among our members. You will be the sole representative of your field and their go-to person for your services.

VIP Members are also listed in our Members Directory and are able to promote or advertise on our group's Facebook page Bridge Builders – Morgantown, or Bridge Builders - Bridgeport, WV, and cross-promotions are strongly encouraged and facilitated.

If you have ever felt lost in a sea of business networking meetings, we believe you will love this new, more casual experience.

We want to get to know YOU! Bring a friend. The cost is $10 at the door.

Please register for Morgantown on Meetup.com and join our FB Page!

Please register for Bridgeport on Meetup.com and join our FB Page!




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If You Have Questions, Text or Call Sandy Ireland


Hello, and welcome to our home page! It's a pleasure to have you here.
Business networking is a world of endless opportunities, meaningful connections, and collaborative ventures. We invite you to join us as we empower each other to reach new heights and achieve unparalleled success together!
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